Target Marketing

Maximize your Instagram business potential by actively interacting with prospective clients through Instagram Targeting.

Initiating interaction, on a daily basis, with 300-400 carefully targeted new people on Instagram near you.

Potential views of your IG is increased by 150-200 (approximately 50% success rate on total reach) new visitors daily.

This is a highly effective approach to drive organic visitors to your Instagram page and more importantly interact with them.

Potential organic reach is between 7k and 10k per month, while prospective profile visits are between 3k and 4.5k per month. 

Creating a well developed digital marketing strategy is not a one-size fits-all.

There are many components that come into play, including building your brand identity into the process.

Two important tactics involved in any social-driven advertising campaign are paid and organic social advertising.

Each requires different processes and criteria, but implementing both tactics together can lead to extremely successful results.


We carefully choose each person we contact on in order to maximize conversion and reach the results we are looking for through a strategically developed approach.

The goal is for people to have a feeling of appreciation and satisfaction through the interaction we initiate.

This kind of approach has proven successful in creating good and healthy communication with potential clients and not just informing them through conventional channels about what a brand/business does.

plans & pricing
True results REQUIRE time, effort & consistency.
Why is the organic approach so significant?

An organic strategy forgoes a monetary budget and instead relies on audience interaction and posts to engage with followers.

More interaction will garner further reach, encourage more participation from your followers and ultimately establish your brand as legitimate

Although this method can be more time-consuming than the paid approach, it is vital to establishing relationships with your followers and clients.

Not only will you foster these important relationships and establish loyalty, but you'll also learn about the needs of your current and potential customers