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Help us bring our expertise to businesses that need it

By joining our ambassador program, you will be eligible to receive a percentage-based compensation for the projects you recommend us for.

We offer our collaborators competitive compensation rates for their influence and hard work.

Please reach out to us for more information on how we can work together!

How it works
The 3 step process of our program
Apply to the program
Once you’re approved, we’ll give you a unique link you can share on your website, blog, social media, videos - wherever.
Share our services
The more you share, the more you can earn. There's no limit to how much you can make.

You are free to share our services as much or as little as you like. It's all up to you.
Get paid
Whether your referees order a website, branding, or marketing project or just want consulting services, you'll earn 20% from the profit of the projects you recommended us for.

We will send you your earnings, approximately 10 days after the client has paid our services, to your Payoneer or US Bank account.
Who the program is for
Whether you have a well established online presence, or you’re just getting started, you can earn more, just by sharing and promoting our services
Social media influencers
Bloggers and writers
Media networks
Types of projects to earn from‍
Information on the project types you can earn from and their timeline.
One time projects
The timeline for single projects can vary from a few hours to a few months, depending on the project type and complexity.

Projects that fall under this category are most commonly: website development, branding, strategy development, business analysis etc.

Commission is paid approximately 10 days after the project is done and paid in full.

Ongoing services

Daily, weekly and monthly services are continues projects mostly focused on brand exposure and promotion.

Projects that fall under this category are most commonly: off site SEO, social media maintenance and marketing, analysis of marketing efforts and adaptation based on the results, building client relations, consulting services, etc.

Commission is paid on a monthly basis, approximately 10 days after the client pays their subscription, up to 3 months max from one client.
Earnings potential and bonuses
Services and packages for which you will receive a commission
Potential earnings for one time projects
Projects like these start at $500 (your 20%=$100) and can reach over $50k (your 20%=$10k)
Potential earnings for ongoing services
Packages start at $200/month (your 20%=$40/month up to 3 months max) and can reach up to $5k/month (your 20%=$1000/month up to 3 months max)


You will also be eligible for bonuses if you bring in over $50k per year. For every new $50k you will receive an additional $5k which will bring your yearly profit up to 30%. Bonuses are counted on a 12-month cycle.

Example: If you joined our ambassador program on January 1st 2020, you are eligible for a bonus if you bring in over $50k until January 1st 2021. If, for example, you bring in over $150k in one 12-month cycle, you will receive $15k in bonuses.

Once a 12-month cycle has ended and a new one has started, your eligibility for bonuses is reset and starts at $0. Bonus eligibility is not transferable between 12-month cycles.

You are eligible to receive a commission on ongoing services for up to 3 months from one client. Even though you will not receive a commission after 3 months for these projects, Berrario's ongoing earnings will go towards your bonus eligibility.

Projects that received a discount from your AMBASSADOR ID do not count towards your bonus eligibility. Learn more about AMBASSADOR ID eligibility.
How will I keep track of my earnings?
We will provide you with your own Berrario account where you can follow your earnings and manage your profile.
Ambassador ID
An ambassador ID lets you offer your audience a special 20% discount on our services.

Who can get it? The ambassador ID is for influencers who have an audience (followers) of over 50k on their blogs, social media etc.

How does it work? When ordering our services, clients have the option to place a coupon code to receive a discount. Once they have entered their coupon, which is your ambassador ID, you are eligible for your 20% commission.
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